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Plasticizer R & D, production, and sales
Focus on product quality and improve service quality


   Dongying Wei'aien Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of environmentally friendly plasticizers. The production of Wei'aien's series of environmentally friendly plasticizers meets the testing standards of the EU REACH regulations. It is widely used in medical, food, children's toys and other products Production process and strong innovative technical force. The company is located in Dongying Xishui Industrial Park. At present, the company has 568 employees and 63 senior expert technicians. The company takes "integrity-based, customer first" as its purpose, always takes the market as the guide, constantly optimizes the product structure, and innovates the technical content as the driving force, continuously expands the product sales market, and has won the recognition and respect of our customers and industry partners.   

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Phone: 0546-6867567 Domestic trade:
Xu Xingguo: 13780793111 International Trade:
Yan Hua: 15263886188 Fax: 0546-7721157

company address: Contact address: Xishui Industrial Park, Guangrao County, Dongying City, Shandong Province
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